Dr Stacy Hudock Proscia - Injury Health Center

Dr. Stacy Hudock Proscia is a co-owner of Injury Health Center.

Dr. Proscia came into the field of chiropractic due to the successful treatment of injuries she received from an automobile accident. Her exposure to chiropractic changed how she viewed medicine. She states that if it wasn’t for the chiropractic care she received she would have never recovered the way she did.

In 2000, Dr. Hudock went on a mission in very small town in Peru called Cuzco. She spent two weeks treating almost 100 people per day. Most of the inhabitants had never seen a Doctor before. It was a life changing experience. Hudock is a graduate of Excelsior University in New York with a Bachelor of Science degree. Dr. Proscia also received her doctorate degree from Life University West. Dr. Proscia started the Daytona Clinic in 2002.

Dr. Proscia and Dr. Terranova’s leadership and passion for treating patients has made Injury Health Center the leading health care center in central Florida. Outside of her duties at Injury Health Center she is a proud parent of two boys (Dominic and Nicholas). She also enjoys traveling, working out and has a real passion for scuba diving.