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What are common causes of knee pain?

There are several things that can cause chronic pain in your knees.  Arthritis is one of the most common reasons. This causes deterioration of the cartilage in your knee and tends to get worse as the years go on.  It can, however, be slowed by losing weight, having your joints adjusted, physiotherapy treatments from your chiropractor, and taking specialized supplements.

Injury can also result in long-term knee pain.  Sports injuries are especially well-known for bothering sufferers for years after the harmful incident.  Cartilage tears, fractures that didn’t heal with smooth internal surfaces, and ligament tears that weakened the knee’s structure can contribute to this. Sometimes, these injuries lead to trauma-induced osteoarthritis, as well.

In severe cases, surgery is needed to repair the initial injury.  This is especially common with serious cartilage and ligament tears. Such tears can result from sports (especially contact sports), but car crashes and other accidents can also do serious damage.  When this happens, chiropractic care may still be beneficial.  Surgery addresses the immediate problem, but a chiropractor can help with pain that persists after the acute phase has ended.

Can knee pain go away on its own?

Sometimes, knee pain can indeed resolve itself.  This is most common when you have suffered a minor injury and you are at a healthy weight.  However, if your pain has lasted more than a few weeks or you are putting a high amount of excess load on the knee, it’s a good idea to seek treatment.

How can a Chiropractor help?

Chiropractic manipulation of the knee can reduce the stress your body places on the affected areas.  By optimizing their internal configuration, the doctor reduces the damage taking place inside them and thereby reduces your pain.  

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