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Your Orlando Chiropractor.  Are you tired of just your symptoms getting treated? Are you looking for a correction once and for all?
Let’s face it, your MD is only going to recommend rest and medication for just about every condition. Well what if you don’t have time to rest? What if you don’t want to take pain killers or muscles relaxers? Or even worse, you have been told you need surgery! We can help.

We at Injury Health Center strive to deliver excellence in quality health-care, by listening to, and discussing the concerns of each patient as an individual.

This allows us to create a much needed, and trusted Doctor – Patient relationship, aimed at the well-being of our patients. In addition to being leaders in the treatment of neck and back pain, we are also the leaders in wellness care for you and your family. We have been helping patients for over 15 years and take pride in getting to know you and developing a unique treatment plan based on your needs. We understand that patients respond differently to therapy, therefore we offer a variety of services.

We have over twenty years combined experience in Chiropractic Care, Auto accident treatment, Nutritional Supplementation, Spinal Decompression, Weight Loss, Custom Foot Orthotics, KinesioTape and Acoustic Compression Therapy (ART) just to name a few. We treat the cause of the problem not the symptoms. Neck and back pain, shoulder and knee pain, wrist and elbow pain, migraines and headaches are some of the many problems we can help you with. At the Injury Health Center we want our patients to feel comfortable knowing that from their first visit on, they will be treated with the care and compassion you would expect from a team of professionals who care about each and every patient’s health and well-being.

If you have acute/chronic pain, discomfort, or are interested in individual or family wellness care, we can assist you in reaching your health goals. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your partner in reaching all your health needs.

Because your health is our mission!

Injury Health Center – Orlando

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