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Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes cannot be cured but, It is possible to reverse it!

As of 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes. 1 in 4 people does not even know they have diabetes. It is reported that by 2020 60% of the population will have this deadly disease. It is now an epidemic with no solution in sight. Clearly, the current course of action is not working. Now there is a natural, safe, and effective alternative. Our program combines a two week cleanse, supplements, proper diet, and coaching to help you reverse your diabetes. Our program is easy to follow and best of all you will never be hungry.

What Medical Conditions Can Benefit From Diabetes?

You were diagnosed with diabetes because your doctor had objective information from your labs either a High A1C and or high glucose levels. If you have diabetes you probably have been diagnosed with other conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High Cholesterol

Diabetes kills 4.6 million each year. Every 7 Seconds someone dies from Diabetes. 68% of diabetics have high blood pressure. 16% will die from stroke. 67% will die from heart disease.

When you were first diagnosed you were given medication to help control or manage your diabetes. Pharmaceutical companies have sales of over 120 billion dollars in diabetic medication. Projections show that by 2020 it will increase to 500 billion. That’s in just 7 years. Reversing diabetes and getting you off your medication is not in their best interest. These companies are not concerned about the side effects and complications that medications cause.

Think back to when you were first diagnosed and started taking your medication. Ask yourself this: Are you on the same dose? Has your doctor added medication to your regimen since you were first diagnosed? I’m sure the answer is YES! Confirming that the medication is not managing or controlling your diabetes. We want to help you stop the damage that’s being done and direct you to a more healthy life style. Our program can help you reverse your diabetes as well as lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. You will experience weight loss and overall health while reducing are completely eliminating your medications. Your energy levels will increase as well as your libido. Please call us now to see if our program is a good fit for you. The consultation is free.